Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. We’ve only had two people coming in to see our house. One is bringing her friend by in November sometime. That seems to be the only interest. She is moving from Ohio and wants to live close by to her friend. Fingers crossed.

2. Seeing part of the Wood family yesterday. Didn’t get a chance to chat with Gwynne. But it was nice catching up with Ben.

3. The Avett Brothers. Okay, Ben, I checked them out. You have mine and Tess’s attention. That guy has to be the coolest cellist on the planet.

4. Smear of light yellow along the blue mountains. They sort of look cold and lonely this morning.

5. “Well  I wish I could think of some cliche to mouth to make our parting seem less sad. But if I told you lies or promised you the moon, the truth would come trickling from my eyes. So run, honey, run. Hide in the wind and never stop to look inside your mind.” Morcheeba

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