Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. How wonderful Kevin and Scott’s wedding reception was. A great group of people.

2. Eric and I had quite an adventure away from home for a night. We’ve never left our kids with anybody other than family over night. I told someone at the reception that and she said “Oh honey, you’ve got to do this more often.”

3. We were sitting it the bar at the hotel  and Eric said “I bet that group of people is related to Kevin. That must be his mother.” And it WAS. 😉

4. It was sort of bittersweet to be in DC. Great to see that things are changing for the better. Or at least it appears that way. And it reminded me of my of my “previous life.” Sometimes I miss it. Not that I am ungrateful for where I am now. I could not have stayed home with my girls if we had stayed there. And I probably wouldn’t have written all these books–nor have 3-book deal right now. Which is something I always wanted to do. But man, it would be nice for someone else to worry about computer problems, taxes, and a to have little adult conversation through the day.

5. Well, not just conversation, but collaboration. Working with other writers, artists, and editors was inspiring. Well, for the most part. Sometimes there were some real jerks I worked with. But most of the people I worked with were okay. One or two along the way became my friend. Which brings me back to Kevin. 😉

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