Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The mountains shrouded in fog. Darn, I need to go to Charlottesville. I hope the fog is gone by then.

2. Eric is  finally feeling well enough to go to work. He’s had this bad cold for well over a week. Turned into a sinus infection.

3. Looking into train schedules and travel options for NY. I love to fly, but it’s a pain to get to any airport where the flights are reasonable. I don’t mind the train and it looks like the rates have gone down since the last time I took it–but it was  right on the heels of that winter storm and there were few trains running. And it looks like the trains are cheaper from Charlottesville.

4. I’ve also thought about the party bus. I’ve forgotten the real name of it. But they have wifi and drinks, so I call it the party bus.  The only problem with it is that it gets into NY at MIDNIGHT.

5. Is it too much to ask for one take today? I’ve been practicing, but I’m still stumbling over some words. But I love doing the radio essays for WVTF. Good people. This piece is a Thanksgiving essay starring my Mom and Aunt Mart.

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