Five things PLUS a Poem

1. Frost sparkling on the grass.

2. Full moon glowing.

3. Fire glow orange edging the mountains.

4. Cool air in my lungs.

5. Birds flocking across the sky, reminds me of one of my poems I wrote when we we still living in Reston.

Am I Happy?

Thinking of our morning—

colored by a full moon,

sounded by Canadian geese

flying overhead. A strange

man waiting at the bus stop.

A new bus driver smiling.

You beside me. Walking.

Sitting. Waiting. This is my

life. Mornings come, moons

wax and wane, geese soar.

Strangers and bus driver

brush up against me, sometimes

flirting, sometimes not. A young

man asks me “Are you happy?”

I do not reply right away.

Happiness is hard work sometimes.

Other times it washes over you

with a peculiar, easy, sudden knowing.

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