Hot Chocolate Maker Giveaway

Click here to see this sweet BonJour 32 oz. French Café Hot Chocolate Maker. And I am giving one away! I don’t know about where you are, but here in Waynesboro, Va., we are in the middle of rain storms and floods. When everybody is home safely, what better way to celebrate than by brewing some hot chocolate? This sweet hot chocolate maker is from CSN Stores. Just leave a comment on my blog saying hi, introducing yourself, or how much you love hot chocolate. Whatever. The winner will be announced and notified Monday.

24 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Maker Giveaway

  1. Mary Sproles Martin says:

    Rebekah is the hot chocolate fiend in our house. She could live on mac and cheese, poptarts and hot chocolate – Holly is the mini-me …. Farm eggs, organic bread, home-made jam and coffee… Joseph is a 13 year old boy – he’ll eat or drink anything within reach that sits still long enough.

  2. ~kim phillips says:

    Hi Mollie,

    Count me as a lover of hot chocolate. Considering making my own marshmallows soon, so that will be an adventure.
    Love the W-boro area – born there, grew up in Staunton, and lived in Afton 11 yrs… there isn’t a more beautiful area!!

  3. Jane Sellers says:

    Oh, October in the Valley!! Doesn’t get much better than this!!! Time for hot beverages- including chocolate- with homemade shortbread and homemade marshmallows (so easy to make!). Cozy, comfortable, a good book, quilt, a cat, some hot chocolate – ah, maybe I need to leave work and go home!!!!

  4. Miriam Ferguson says:

    Chocolate Love, is the name of my best friend’s new novel. Recently she asked me to edit a section. I dug right in, complete with a cup of hot chocolate and six milk chocolate bonbons. I was in heaven

  5. Leslie Bryan Ingersoll says:

    Yesterday was surely a day for hot chocolate. That would sure taste good with the pumpkin pie that’s in the fridge. Happy October!

  6. Jane Kulow says:

    Hi Mollie, I like hot chocolate, but our 14 year old daughter loooooves it and she’s running XC these days. She’d love it after meets! [writing from Cville, looking your direction]

  7. Crystal Graham says:

    While I love my chai and coffees, Chris is a hot chocolate man. From signature hot chocolate at Starbucks to boxed hot chocolate at home, it helps us function throughout the winter!

  8. Laura says:

    Hi Mollie,

    Love your blog and the Mrs. Rowe’s book. We made an apple pie about a week ago that was just divine.

    I am a hot chocolate fiend. And since I’m pregnant, I need the caffeine jolt I can get from the chocolate, since coffee is out and tea is in moderation. 🙂

  9. Carol B. Grosser says:

    My reply is in the form of a baking tip since you love to cook/bake. I discovered that lemonade koolaide (the king in the 10cent packet/w/no sugar added) is a most passable substitute for a fresh lemon when the cupboard is bare…1/8 tsp.dry koolaide granules = 1 tbsp. fresh juice. Have tried it on apple pie, and baked fish…delicious! If I should prove lucky here, the hot chocolate maker will go to my d-i-l- and 4 grandkiddies!

  10. Stef Curtis says:

    Stef Curtis is the name to a hot chocolate lover 😉 Loves cold cold snowy winters, where she is stuck inside with a cozy blanket, warm cookies, and a nice hot chocolate mixed with warm milk to make her feel like grandma’s house all over again :).
    Goodmorning’afternoon’evening Mollie.

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