Exciting New York City Week Ahead

I’ll be in New York next week so I won’t be posting regularly. But if you’ve been following along on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, chances are you know why I am going to New York.  I’ve a lot of reasons for going now.

Last year, when I attended the Roger Smith Food Writer’s Conference, someone said New York City doesn’t have good pie. So, I have been checking into it a bit and while it’s true that it doesn’t seem to have a reputation for good pie—like it does for say, cheesecake—it looks like there are some restaurants in Manhattan worth checking out. I’m willing to sacrifice (a-hem) and find out IF good pie exists in the city.

Now, that said, I’m not making any promises. The city is an unforgiving place when it comes to time.  So many things could happen along the way. I’m allowing myself some time to explore what ever may come up. But pie is one of my priorities.

I’m also going to get a chance to meet with my fiction agent, Sharon Bowers, which is always a pleasure. I just love picking her brain and hearing about all of her exciting projects. One of thing I’m sure we’ll discuss is my transition into fiction writing. (And I’m just a wee bit exited about that!)

Also, I will be meeting with my new editor at Kensington, Martin Biro, who will give me a little tour and then we will meet over lunch to get to know one another. We’ll be working together over the next 3 years (at least) and this meeting gets us off to a grand start.

I’m going to pop in at Random House and meet with an editor there who is on my ASJA panel in the spring— Rica Allannic.  It will be wonderful to meet her before the conference in April.  Now, Random House is the publisher of my cookbooks, so it will be extremely cool to check it out.

Along with all these meetings, I’ll also be catching up with some dear friends—one very close friend of my family back home, so close that I always refer to her as my cousin.

I will try to keep you posted as I go along next week. Stay tuned.

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