Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I can’t forget that I have a meeting with Emma’s core teachers today.;-)

2. The black dress with the purple sweater is not going to work because of the big black ruffle, which shows up as a big black clump under the sweater. Back to square one on figuring out what to wear to meet my new editor. ;(

3. Ohmigoddess, it’s a perfect morning for a run. The sky is so clear. Just a few strands of wispy clouds around the mountains, with a little chill in the air…

4. So proud of Emma. Last week she told a boy off on the bus. He called another boy “gay.” She let him have it. Sometimes we wonder about Emma…but every once in awhile, her mouthiness and strong opinions turn out to be good things. We must be doing something right.

5. Even though I will get to stay at Paula’s place in Chelsea, I’m not sure how much we will actually get to see one another. She’s in rehearsals that week and I will probably be out late. We will be like two ships that pass in the night. But it’s so sweet of her to let me stay at her place. We’ve known each other our whole lives. Very few people go that far back that I actually keep in touch with. Sometimes I wonder if Emma is channeling Paula. She reminds me so much of her. hahaha. Yet, they have never met.

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