Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I love walking in New York, but this trip is really going to test me. I have no sense of direction.(But I usually do okay…intuition.)

2. Rethinking my ban on Brooklyn. I really want to check out a few places–piety is one. And if I can get there, I will.

3. If there is going to be an Alice cast party, someone needs to call Eric. But I don’t think  it will do much good. Tess needs to be at cello lessons at 5:30 on Wed. He can’t be 2 places at one.

4. It will be nice to see my old college friend Mark on this trip. We have some catching up to do. The last time I saw him it was 1985. Graduation night. His aunt rented him a limo and I was one of the lucky people he invited to cruise Pittsburgh in it. I’ll never forget it–or Iris splayed across the hood of it on Mount Washington with the Pittsburgh skyline in the background posing for pictures.  I wonder what ever happened to her. She may be dancing in NY. I don’t know.

5. Mark and I worked together for the English Department. It was during that job that it dawned on me I should have been an English major. I loved those profs. Especially Dr. Lewis. So I minored in English, majored in journalism. Looking back, I’m glad it was journalism, now. So glad I learned paste-up working at the Globe. Knowing how to layout and paste-up (a skill now useless) landed me my first job at a paper. The editor told me “You can write for me–but only on your own time.” And I did.

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