Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Man, it’s cold out here.

2. What to clean first. We are having a realtor open house on the 7th, I think, and so let the cleaning commence again.

3. This is why I hate cleaning–especially when you have kids–it’s a vicious cycle. Nothing stays clean. And with Tess in the house, nothing stays in place. All of this touching, moving, collecting of things. Her little hands are always busy.

4. I’m enjoying my box of books from Kensington. Now I’m readingĀ  “A Thread so Thin,” by Marie Bostwick. It’s not a mystery, but it’s similar to my book in that it centers on a group of women who get together once a week–to quilt, not scrapbook. It is set in New England. Great story, interesting characters. Now, I need to go back and read the books earlier in the series.;-)

5. Tink was such a good dog in Westernport.There were a lot of people and she did well. But she is wiped out. It must have stressed her out to be so good for such a long time. And man, that dog is happy to be home.

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