Five things I thought about during my morning run

1. Exploring the AMC gym option. They have an indoor track, which would be much easier on me.

2. Yellow leaves plastered on the dark gray pavement.

3. Marbled gray sky with bits of blue coming through. C’mon blue you can do it! PUSH!

4. Changing my Facebook stuff. You’ll be hearing about that soon. Kensington’s digital guru has been advising me and I’m going to take her advice. There will be ONE fan page (now I have 2–one for the pie, one for my blog) and this personal page. I’m going to work on separating personal friends from “fans” and professional acquaintances. In some cases, several people fit all those roles.:-)  And you will definitely have the choice. BUT those other fan pages will be going away.

5. I am so inspired after my trip to New York. I’ve got so many ideas and stories. One potential project really excites me—a book series written by Emma and me. That is, IF I can talk her into a partnership with her mom. She is hesitant. lol.

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