Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. So, I usually wake up around 3 every morning. Sometimes I get back to sleep. Sometimes not. So this morning, I got out of bed and saw some of the lunar eclipse. Pretty eerie, all alone, watching the shadow come across the moon. It was a little to cloudy. But I did see some of it.

2. Emma has discovered John Belushi. Life will never be the same in the Bryan household. When I was 15, I had such a crush on him. I had a a poster of him in my room as the Samurai Warrior.

3. I loved the Blues Brothers, too. They inspired me to learn how to play the harmonica. I wondered what ever happened to my harmonica…?

4. The gym is really crowded today. I’ve seen two of my kids teachers in here.

5. Next time I go I’m going to start my weight-lifting routine. Can’t wait for the THAT.

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