Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. Eric at the gym already. I’m glad about that.

2. Met some neighbors last night that I only see when I walk or run. One woman, Vicki, is about the same size as me and I see her every day, smile and wave, never knew her name.

3. When you have your house for sale, many people feel free to give you advice. Hahaha. It was the talk of the party.

4. I’d sort of like to stay here and we are thinking seriously about an addition. Wondering how much that would cost and how we’d pay for it.

5. “Tuesday’s Gone.” Great song. Getting my Skynrd on this morning.

2 thoughts on “Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

  1. Girl Fren' says:

    Hey, Mollie – #3 prompts a comment. Boy Fren’ (ND’s father, if you wanna check his creds) is a professional architectural & interior designer. He contends it is always less costly to renovate, add on, redo/replace/repair than to move. Has a litany of credible reasons, as well. Just sayin’, in case you’d like some unsolicited but free advice. (he’s brilliant, too, btw.)

    I’ll temper that with my personal viewpoint, having spent our lengthy marriage in building site after construction area — it’s hard on the nerves, takes solid plans complete with checklists and breaks from it all (a week someplace else to escape the smell of sawdust.) It always takes longer and costs more than the estimate.

    I’d do it again.

    PS: your mom sounds like mine and her values are exactly mine. We should have coffee one day!

    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      Thanks for commenting! Much to consider. I bet you and my mom would definitely hit it off. ND and I have often remarked that we are so much alike. Cheers!

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