Five things I thought about while walking the dog:

1. Here’s the deal with the author page. I need to get as many people as I can on there. At some point all of my FB pages (except my personal one) will be there. According to the marketing people at Kensington, FB author pages are very important. And one of these days  I’m going to figure out how to get the FB url for it. But for now here it is (and I promise I won’t fill up your inbox too much):

2. I’m heading off to the gym to run this morning.

3. And on Friday I’m getting a fitness test and orientation.

4. If Eric thinks I’m going on the lantern tour at the museum tomorrow night, he can think again. It’s too cold. He can take the girls–if they want. I won’t be going. Sorry. That sound miserable to me. The cold is beyond the innocent Winter fun. It’s evil.

5. Even the dog can’t wait to get back in the house. When we turn the corner and she sees the house, she runs for it.

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