Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. “The music there was hauntingly familiar.”

2. “Did you um study ballet by any chance?” My Yoga instructor last night. Hmmm. Once a ballet dancer?

3. The blessings of Facebook. A few days ago one of my good friend from high school (and I did not have many good friends then), contacted me through FB. We tried to stay in touch as I went off to college and she got married and had babies. And well time marched on. I’ve moved around a lot. Turns out, so did she. She is now a college graduate living in Wisconsin. No wonder I lost track of her. So glad Tracy found me.

4. So I started to remember things as I was driving to the gym. I was actually almost in tears driving along listening to the radio. What a mess I am. 😉

5. I tried to be athletic and other than gymnastics and dance, it was kind of pitiful. I played softball and was either the catcher or stuck in right field. (And I ran “like a ballerina.”) I had one glorious moment of catching Tracy’s fly ball to right field. She was a great player–on another team–and I caught her ball!  It may have been the only one I ever caught. lol.

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