Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Tiny prickles on my face. Is it ice? Is it rain?

2. Rooftops poking out of the gray mist.

3. I’ve been sooo spoiled by running at the gym. But I’ve missed running outside, too, especially in the cooler weather.

4. I’m so eager for the Roanoke Regional Writer’s Conference this weekend. I’ll be teaching a class on writing cookbooks. One of my favorite things is reaching out to other writers, mentoring, and helping them out. As I have been helped and mentored along the way. (And still am!)

5. The pictures my friend Donna posted yesterday took me back. Suddenly I felt wistful and longed to be surrounded by my old college friends. Many of us have not been in touch. It’s so good to have them on FB.

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