Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. It’s positively balmy. I’ve overdressed.

2. Book group this afternoon. Thrilled that I can make this one. I loved The Lotus Eaters and I love going to Susan’s house. So welcoming.

3. Emma wanting to go to school with Audrey tomorrow. I hope she has fun. I’m kinda thinking she will…;-)

4. So I am still reading The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo. I probably will be for A WHILE. It’s huge. I’m still relatively unimpressed, though I will say the woman character is interesting and probably the only thing that keeps me reading.

5. Meeting with Leeyanne the other day. I have a STACK of books from her. We are really studying genre and having fun doing it. She’s really helped me with my WIP, The Durian Chronicles. She told me my characters can’t be sleeping around with other people. (What? Oh, no!) It’s not done in the romance genre. One man. One woman. I thought by cutting out their other dalliances, it would cut the story in half. But it only cut a couple thousand words. Turns out, there was more story than sex…which, since it’s not erotica, is a good thing. I think. I never know.

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