Five things I thought about while walking the dog, plus a poem

1. Snow angels.

2. Love getting out here before anybody else. My footprints are the first in a huge sea of blue-white sparkling snow.

3. There’s a bounce Tink’s step this morning. She likes this snow. It’s not too deep for her to enjoy.

4. I seriously think that whole ear thing was allergy-related. The only thing that’s helped me is Benedryl.

5. I saw this article about Aliquippa posted by a friend of mine from high school. I posted it on my FB page, too. An excellent article about my hometown. So I remembered this old poem of mine. It’s not the poem I’d write today. It needs a lot more work. But I thought I’d share, which might provide the impetus I need to actually dig in and finish it properly.


Beyond the smoke

of this city,

lies the steel

that made it,

that broke it.

The empty mills

now sitting like picked-over

carcasses along the banks

of the Ohio

stand in effigy

to the gods,

reckless in their schemes

for the an

working his life around

the rituals of steel,

paying homage to the time-clock;

pouring blood libations

into the alchemy

of fire, earth, and ore;

honoring his father

and grandfathers, who never

finished school, but went directly

into life, tending the smoke.

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