Five “surprising” things about me, how about you?

1. I am a lousy housekeeper. I’m not dirty, just messy.

2. I have often spent weeks and weeks wearing the same outfits. Just because I can. I get attached to something—a shirt, a pair of jeans or shorts.

3. I wanted to join the circus as an acrobat when I was 15. My mom wouldn’t sign the papers. Thank the Universe.

4. My first job was at Mary’s Restaurant, a truck stop in Raccoon Twp., Pa. I made and sold donuts and ice cream, which was a side business for Mary. I was fired because I was too creative with the donuts. I used too many sprinkles and icing and things. What can I say? It was the best part about that job.

5. My first major in college was theater and dance.

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