Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The quilts I’ve made. One for Carly. One for Abbey. One for Emma (unfinished). One for Tess. My next one is going to be for me. 😉

2. I’ve got a design in mind already. I need to consult with my expert on the hill. lol.

3. Leaves of Grass.

4. Which leads me to Beatrice, probably my fav character in my series. She loves Leaves of Grass and reads it throughout my series.

5. Lunch yesterday with Deborah Huso. I mentioned that we are planning a trip to Asheville and Tennessee in the spring and she gave me a copy of her guidebook–that she wrote. Ni-ice. I’m going to use her book to help find my way around and write about it. Stay tuned on that. Her book is called “Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains” published by Avalon Travel. You can find it at or any national bookstore.

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