Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. Wow. It’s windy.

2. My meeting with Emma’s teachers. I’m so proud of my Emma. She struggles and daydreams. But every one of her teachers says she’s a joy to have in their class. She’s kind, caring, and sweet. I’ll take that.

3. The organization issue is not her’s alone. We need to help her more.

4. When I was leaving, her science teacher said to me, “It must be…I don’t know…strange to write all day.” Indeed.

5. Off to see the wizard today.

2 thoughts on “Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

  1. Cathy VanPatten says:

    Regarding item 2: First off, I know that daydreaming drives teachers nuts (because I was an inveterate daydreamer, and it is mentioned in EVERY single teacher comment on my report cards from first through sixth grade), but daydreamers are creative, imaginative thinkers, and that’s a very good thing in the long term.

    Second, I was one of those kids who never really struggled with school, with extracurricular lessons, etc., but that turned out NOT to be the best thing in the long term. It took me years and a bout in therapy to realize that because so many things came easily to me, I was reluctant to push myself past the real hurdles. I just gave up and looked for another path. That held true for piano lessons, tap dancing, even some professional challenges. If I had stuck the course and pushed through, who knows what a great hoofer I could have been?! But seriously, had I had to struggle with more concrete challenges earlier in life, I would have been so much more prepared for the bigger, more daunting challenges life has waiting for us as adults. As it is, I’m still learning that from scratch.

    It sounds to me as if Emma is in a very good place, life-lesson-wise.

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