Last night’s Yoga class was mostly intense stretching. Sometimes, I am overcome by the sheer joy I feel from a good stretch. It’s like a huge, deep, body breath—the muscles and bones, yes, but also something deeper. I  feel a huge sigh with each stretch. It’s almost the same kind of sigh I feel when I’m in the writing zone—especially writing fiction. I’m aware of the blessings of doing what I love, reaching inside, pulling out stories, characters. Creating. When I think about it, where I am now has come from a long stretch—from nonfiction to fiction. So, while I’m stretching my arms, legs, hips, back, shoulders, I see with clarity that I’m also stretching my life and my writing. It is a good thing, this stretching business. We all need more of it, don’t we?

4 thoughts on “S T R E T C H

  1. Molly says:

    I was just reading this passage to my class last night: When you stretch, you don’t make it happen by trying harder.You must let go and let gravity do its work.You give permission, opening yourself to another, greater force.

    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      We all can, heh? Yoga can be hell on your shoulders. If you can find a good class and teacher, I bet they can work around it. Good luck.

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