Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Rainy mornings. They are good over the weekend when you don’t have to get kids on the bus.

2. Tech week for the Wizard of Oz. Pretty rough this time. Both girls are in rehearsals this week for different things and we are going five different ways. Until Sunday.

3. Monday is spring break. And we are going to need it.

4. So tonight I am on carpool duty. I’ll be in Staunton or 4-5 hours. I’ll be looking for shoes. Have time to kill? Find some shoe deals.

5. Taking a deep breath and getting back to revisions on Scrapbook of Shadows. Having a hard time concentrating. But I set myself up for this–it’s a complicated plot–much more so than my first book. So, I will keep this in mind for the third one. 😉

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