Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. One more very busy day–tomorrow. Emma has the John Lewis Society day all day, then then play–all happening in Staunton. And Tess has ballet rehearsals all afternoon in Waynesboro. Really glad that Eric’s gig was canceled. That helps.

2. Tonight, I’m taking Emma and Tate and Tess together. That should be a trip. And a half.

3. So all week the supper schedule has been really a bit of a hodge-podge. I had to something ready for Emma to take with her and then something for the rest of us later. That really cut into my afternoon work schedule, so I am behind on some things.Well, I’m behind on where I want to be–my self-imposed deadlines. Which really means nothing to anybody but me.

4. But I am really so far ahead on some other things that I really just need to chill.

5. But Sunday, there will only be one more show. Then a week of spring break. What are we doing? Well, we’re going to Richmond one day to see the Picasso exhibit. And NOTHING else.

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