Five things I thought during my morning run:

1. Running with the Wii is not my favorite kinda run. But it’s pouring and I can’t get to the gym.

2. But I do like the way it tells you how many miles you’ve run right on the screen. 4.5 miles this morning. Great start to a LONG day of rehearsals and plays.

3. SCRAPBOOK OF SHADOWS. I am deep into it. A day away from it and light bulbs are not just going off, but flashing all the time. Calm down, brain, please!

4. But here’s the thing, with just this little bit of space away, I’ve hit on some key elements that I think the book is missing. Taking into consideration the kind of edits I’ve gotten on the first book, I think I know where to go. Just not sure how to get there.;-)

5. So, after spring break (this coming week), I’m going to spend half my day on it and half my day on the romantic suspense I’m writing. Plan.

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