Win Joanna Campbell Slan’s Newest Book!

“Make, Take, Murder,” Joanna Campbell Slan’s latest scrapbooking mystery is up for grabs. She generously donated a copy for giveaway on my blog. Have you read my Five Questions with Joanna Campbell Slan? Please leave a comment on this post or on the interview post. The contest will close and winner will be announced on Sunday.

Here is the Amazon blurb about the book:

Dumpster diving for her lost paycheck is definitely the low point of Kiki Lowenstein’s day—that is, until she finds a severed leg thrown in with the trash. Who’d toss a body part in the garbage outside the scrapbook crafts store where Kiki works?

Accompanying the grisly “gift” is a creepy computerized voice message, a warning to the store’s “rich and snotty” female shoppers. Kiki soon discovers that the leg belonged to Cindy Gambrowski, a customer with a tyrannical and violent husband—who’s now harassing Kiki. Combing through Cindy’s scrapbook projects for hidden clues, Kiki tries to find the killer. Was it a crime of marital malice, or did someone else beat Cindy’s husband to the punch?

Includes holiday-themed projects and recipes!

14 thoughts on “Win Joanna Campbell Slan’s Newest Book!

  1. madeline iva says:

    This sounds like a really cool premise for a murder mystery — love it! I’d love a free copy.

    However, when I tried clicking on the link to the five questions and it didn’t work. ( 🙁 )

    But I’ll fish around and find it!


  2. Mary Sproles Martin says:

    oooh – as usual, I’m intrigued by what you dig up (no pun intended …).

    Would like to add this to my list of fun reads.

    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      Sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with that link. You can scroll down on my page, though. It took place two days ago and is still there! Thanks for entering and for letting me know about that link!

  3. Deena Warner says:

    I always enjoy murder mysteries with a bit of a mash-up, like knitters or librarians who solve the crime. Sounds like a great read!

  4. ~kim says:

    LOVE the blurb… and had to LOL at the severed leg belonging to Cindy GAM-browski! and any book with recipes goes on my to be read list!
    Thanks Mollie~!

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