Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Scrapbook of Shadows, the second book in my series. I read it over the other day, fine tuning it. It just felt kinda long to me. It’s just over 76,000 words and usually I have a hard time making 70,000. So I mentioned it to a friend and she said it didn’t feel long, but maybe I needed to tweak the tension a bit here and there. And I have. It was only a sentence here or there. Now, I do have a little rewriting to do. I’ll tweak more after that.

2. I want to have it ready for my publisher before my kids are out of school for the summer. I may not turn it in. But it at least needs to be ready. Um, er, at least in my mind. A friend of mine asked me when it’s due. When I told her next year, she said ,”Nerd.” LOL.

3. The thing is who knows how long the third book will take. And I do have work my schedule around my daughter’s lives–which is as it should be. So this gives me a bit of breathing room in my schedule.

4. Reverse triangle kicked my butt last night and I feel it in each stride.

5. I am still having problems getting up certain posts on this blog. I am frustrated.

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