Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emilie Richards blurb about my book, Pinch me.  “Mollie Bryan’s charming debut is a scrapbook of zany small town life with characters you’ll want to visit again and again in each new novel.”

2. It means so much to me that a big successful author like Emilie would take the time to read and comment on SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS.

3. Hot and humid this morning.

4. Emma, my 12-year-old, went to work at the Frontier Culture Museum this morning. She is an intern there this summer in a program called the John Lewis Program.She’ll be wearing a costume and doing chores on the German farm.

5. So, it’s just Tess and me. She is waiting to hear from some friends this morning. Once that gets straightened out, I may be able to get some writing in. Fingers crossed.

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