Jenny, Part Two

Pardon my breaking this post up into two posts!  But Jenny’s answers are so long that WordPress could not handle it in one post! I had to break it up right in the middle of the juiciest part.

JG: …(See previous post.) Many authors were cut from their houses, many book options canceled. It’s been unfortunate for readers because they are being offered a smaller and smaller selection of authors from which to choose, and of course it’s been quite unfortunate for authors who have seen their slight potential to make careers as writers dwindle down to nothing. The good news is digital publishing , I hope, can eclipse this deficit and enable authors to sell their own books and find their audience.

Wow, long answer to your question!

3. What are you working on now?

JG: see above answer. I’m busily reformatting several books I’ve written and preparing to upload them digitally for the Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc. It’s time-consuming because I am just about as clueless as they come when it comes to technology, and you have to be very exacting (not one of my strong suits–long ago when wallpapering, my husband lamenting the wallpaper wasn’t plumb accused me of being “Mrs. Goodenough”…my argument was it was an old house and the walls weren’t plumb so how could the wallpaper be?!). I also have several books in various states of completion that I am itching to get back to once I get these books uploaded.

4. Along with being so prolific in terms of your writing, I also know that you’re a mom in a very busy family. Any thoughts on what it takes to write and be a mom and the whole “juggling” issue?

JG: It’s not easy. I have friends with babies who are trying to write and I don’t know how they do that. Of course when your kids reach an age at which they need to be driven all over the place, it’s not much easier. I did often lug my laptop with me and write while sitting in the pick-up line at school, while sitting at soccer practices, etc. I learned to be very adaptable because my priority has always been my kids and my family. And if I was working at my computer with everyone around, I learned to be able to hone my focus in order to avoid distractions. When it’s all said and done we will continue to beat ourselves up for not giving either the kids or the writing the appropriate amount of attention, but we do the best we do, right?

5. Okay. You knew this was coming, right? If you could be a pie, what kind would you be and why?

Oh, girlfriend, at the end of my first chapter of my novel SLIM TO NONE I include my mom’s recipe for Banana Cream pie. It is nirvana, and if it wasn’t such a pain to make I’d be wallowing in it daily…

Thanks so much for hosting me!

Thank YOU, Jenny. Don’t forget to check her out on Twitter and Facebook. You won’t be sorry!

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