Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. “Bad Boys” and how much we love them, despite ourselves. And then we hate them, despite ourselves. heh.

2. My daughter getting her tonsils out. I went in the OR with her, just until they put her out. I held the cup over her mouth and nose and listened as she giggled, then sighed, then was suddenly silent. And when I walked away it felt like a cannonball hit me in my guts. Moments like this clarify…everything in my life.

3. She wanted pizza yesterday. I’ve never been so happy to see anybody eat pizza. 😉

4. There was a water pipe that broke in our neighborhood last night. This morning, there are a lot of trucks and men in hard hats around.

5. Copy edits of SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS. I am enjoying going through and tweaking things. It’s like the all the heavy lifting has been done already and now I just get to make it even better. I hear that editors no longer edit. Mine did. So did this copy editor. I am so grateful that I am with Kensington.

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