Me, the Brick Wall, and My Computer

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The topic of  “writer’s cave” resonated with me because sometimes my tiny space of an office does remind me of a cave. But it’s been years in getting here. Finally, a half of a room to call my own.

For years, my desk sat in the dining room, then the living room, then back again. I  dreamed of my own quiet space to think and write. My husband and I decided to make our small sun room into a more livable room in which half would be his office space and half would be mine. This mean getting heat piped into the room, painting the walls, and adding the flooring. Now I can hardly remember it any other way.

Because of the way in which the room is situated, my computer screen faces the wall, which means the windows are behind me. The blinds are always down—otherwise the glare on my screen would bother my eyes. So, I face a brick wall that used to be the outer wall of my house. I sometimes turn around in my chair to glimpse the sky or my garden through the blinds. But mostly, it’s me, the brick wall and my computer. It’s worked out well—very few distractions, except the occasional song that will pull me away. But usually music inspires me, rather than distracts me.  I keep my computer playing Pandora music all day long. (If you don’t know Pandora, it’s an internet radio station. You should check it out.)

Several book cases line other parts of my walls, of course, and stacks of the magazines I’ve been published in or that I use for classes that I sometimes teach.

I like my space. But it is a work in progress. It’s messy—and to the untrained eye, a bit disorganized. but I know where everything is and how to get my hands on what I need. I think of it as a luxury, this tiny space of mine. Maybe some wouldn’t.

I don’t yet have a laptop so most of my writing takes place in this space, everyday, in front of my screen and my brick wall. But, as a young writer and editor I worked in open office in which I had to zone out all of the other noisy office activity. Perfect training ground for a young writer. Because, as I wrote earlier, it’s taken me years to get here. I’ve written everywhere you can imagine. On buses, trains, planes, beaches, at swimming pools, at lunch tables in schools and offices, and my favorite place was my bed, spread out on my stomach with a notebook in front of me. Now, just the thought of that hurts my back.

What’s your space like? What are some of your favorite places to write? Check out what the other Rolling Blog Tour Writers have to say about their writer’s cave.

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8 thoughts on “Me, the Brick Wall, and My Computer

  1. Ryder Islington says:

    I agree that the brick wall really helps with distractions. Above my desk is a rose tapestry that covers a not very well insulated window.
    Great article, though I had a hard time finding it.

  2. mollie says:

    Oh yeah. I love Pandora. You create your own stations–or rather, it creates them based on what you like. I wish I could say the same about my space being that private. I have two daughters and am interrupted from time to time!
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Nancy Lauzon says:

    Hi Mollie,

    I’ll have to check out that radio station, I never heard of it. My writing space is pretty messy too when I’m in writing mode, but that’s okay, since nobody is allowed to enter when I’m full steam ahead in the writing process,


  4. KT Wagner says:

    Pandora sounds interesting. I like listening to music while I write – I actually create a soundtrack for each project – but the reception in the house is atrocious and I haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to use itunes and my ipod.

    Great description of your cave – I can picture it.


    • mollie says:

      A soundtrack, heh? Well, I do something similar. When I’m writing my Cumberland Creek mysteries, I listen to contemporary bluegrass because it’s set in Va. When I write romances, I listen to jazz. heh.

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