And the winner is…ME!

The Internet is still a place of magic for me. For some, it’s a science—but like so much in life, it’s about perspective. There’s new magic in town and it’s Pinterest. It’s a virtual corkboard. I can waste hours there—but I try not to. I found a really cool scrapbooker on the boards and that is where this story is going. I “pinned” one of her pages and the next thing I knew, she was thanking me over Twitter. See? Magic.

So I checked out her blog and WOWEEE. Very cool. ( For any of you who think that scrapbooking is old-fashioned, you need to check out her blog.

Like a lot of these cool, crafty types, she has a lot of cool crafty friends. Even artists— like Julie Kirk, who blogs Another interesting, beautiful blog. She also has a wonderful Etsy shop here:

Yesterday, I received a delightful package in the mail from Julie. I won a contest on Shimelle’s blog for one of her sweet vintage collages.

Not only did I receive the prizes, but she also stuck some beautiful, imaginative things in the package. Thanks, Julie and Shimelle, for the inspiration and the magic.

4 thoughts on “And the winner is…ME!

  1. Julie Kirk says:

    Mollie – I’m thriled your package reached you – it travelled quite some way from the NE of England to find you! Thank you for your kind words about my work + blog.

    Enjoy your prize.

    Warm wishes – Julie 🙂

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