Have you seen Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. And I’ve been having some fun with this. As I am deep into writing the third book in my series, sometimes it helps to “play” with my characters and certain spots in my fictional town of Cumberland Creek. Sometimes it’s visualizing Annie’s pink kitchen or Betty White as Beatrice. This morning I thought of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony—a secondary character in the first book, a more important character in the second, and so far, non-existent in the third. But still. Great fun to think of him—this sexy dancer from Brooklyn who, after twenty years, still has a thing for Vera. Check out my Scrapbook of Secrets pinboard here. Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Have you seen Pinterest?

  1. Beverly Diehl says:

    I love Pinterest, and am using boards for various writing-related things. For example, I decided to give my characters an Ugly Holiday Sweater party, so I started a board & Pinned to it things my different characters were wearing, so I could refer to it as I described them. Can can pin clothing, jewelry – whatever inspires you. (I have an entire board of Scrumptious Men, that’s ALWAYS inspirational, lol!) Link to Follow me on Pinterest on my blog.

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