Five Famous Women Authors I’d Like to Scrapbook with:

1. JK Rowling. She has a child and she may already have a scrapbook or two. But it would be so cool to get creative with her. You just have to wonder what kind of scrapbooks would she make? Would they open on their own? Sprinkle fairy dust? Heh.

2. Charlaine Harris.  I think she’d be a hoot to hang out with. Have you read her books? Some of the funniest vampire fiction I’ve ever read. Oh wait. It’s the ONLY funny vampire fiction I’ve ever read.

3. Rita Mae Brown. She loves her animals and I love mine. Maybe we could scrapbook about our cats. I’d hope that she’d regale us with stories of Sneaky Pie while we were pasting photos into our scrapbooks

4. Toni Morrison. Because she’s my favorite writer and all crops need a poet or two.

5. Erica Jong. ‘Nuff said.

What famous  women writers would you like to scrapbook with? (Next week, the men writers, I promise!)


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