Virtual Book Parties, Tours, and Free Books–oh MY!

My book SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS officially launches next week—Feb. 7, to be exact. I’m having a launch party at my local Indie bookstore—Stone Soup Books on February 11. But I’m also having two more parties—one on Twitter and one on Facebook. I’ve got to keep my virtual community in the loop!
The party on Twitter will be February 7, 7:00 to 8:00 pm est. We’ll be using the hashtag #scrapbookofsecrets. For those of you who’ve never done anything like this, you can simply put #scrapbookofsecrets in the search function and a page will come up with the conversation. Here’s the tricky part: you have to make sure to place that #scrapbookofsecrets in everything you post, or it will get lost in the Twitter stream. So, the idea is to have a virtual launch party and we will be having a LIVE conversation. Come with your jokes and party conversation. Or ask me anything you want—as long as I can ask YOU anything I want. heh.
Oh, I’ll be giving away books and little paper surprises. You don’t want to miss it. The virtual party will continue on Facebook on February 8 with a Valentine poem contest. Post your favorite love poem on my FB author page ( any time during the day and I’ll choose my favorites, which will win books and little paper gifts, like mini-scrapbooking kits, and Valentine’s note kits.
These days, all of the writers I know are doing blog tours, so I’m giving that a go. Here’s my list—some of which I’m still firming up, as in getting the dates and so on. But check on my blog and FB author page, I’ll try to do my best to keep you posted daily. (These are some wonderful blogs you might just want to acquaint yourself with, in any case.)

Other places you may see the book and/or me over the next few weeks, dates to be determined.

One more thing I should let you know, if you check on the website under the reader section on this site, you’ll see that I’m available by Skype for your book group. (Unless you’re local, of course, then you get me in the flesh!) Also, if you have a book group meeting where you’re reading my book, please send photos for my page. Heck, even if your not in a group, I’d love to have a picture of you with my book. (It’s the scrapbooker in me, what can I say?)

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