Year of Change

I put off doing that thing that a lot of bloggers and writers seem to do around the turning of the new year. I don’t like making yearly resolutions. I prefer a daily resolve—my life surrounds two children and being flexible is the best I can do, sometimes. So a New Year’s resolutions feels like I’m setting myself up for failure. Don’t want that.
But the year does bring changes for me—big changes. Not only am I a debut novelist, now I have two weekly deadlines, along with writing my fiction. I’ve taken on a gig with the Daily News Leader in Staunton, Va., as the restaurant critic and food columnist. What a fabulous opportunity.
Also, I’m blogging weekly at Killer Hobbies, with a bevy of other writers who have written craft-centered mysteries. It’s an interesting mix of subjects and a lively group of writers.
In between my weekly deadlines, I try to work on the third novel in my series, but these days a lot of what I‘m doing is gearing up for the launch of the first book, SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS. Just to give you an idea of how these series work, I’m expecting the edits on the second book to come in soon. So, as I gearing up to promote the first in the series, and am writing the third in the series, I’ll be in edits for second. Got that?
But I’m having a blast. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than writing my books and columns. It’s going to be a great year. I can feel it. What does your year look like? Any big changes coming your way?

2 thoughts on “Year of Change

  1. Ellen Stanton says:

    Now that I’m “retired” I can focus on my three passions:
    Selling Avon, photography and writing short mystery stories –cozy–(which I hope to publish via Amazon by the end of the year).

    Yep, a regular Jessica Fletcher am I.
    (Though I’ve been amassing my stories for many years!)

    I look forward to reading more of your beautiful blog!
    (And your new book!)

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