Five Simple Ways You Can Help Authors

I have the best job in the world. I get to make stories up, play with words, and make books. A dream come true. But it’s rough out there for everybody these days—even writers. Maybe especially writers. I know a lot of people think we get loads of money and it’s simply not true. (subject for another post, perhaps.) Some writers do—most writers don’t. If you want to keep them writing and not bussing tables, for example, here’s a few things you can do that won’t cost you a penny.

1. As your library if they have copy. If you show an interest, they will order it. Even though it’s only one sale, it helps to build an author’s reputation. That’s pure gold.
2. By the same token, ask you local bookstore if they have the book. Showing an interest counts towards getting those books on the shelves. I believe readers see my book, for example, they will pick it up and be drawn into the story and make a purchase.
3. Write reviews (assuming you’ve read the book). Amazon. Goodreads. Barnes and Noble. It all counts and helps. The reviews don’t have to be lengthy. You can write something as simple as “I love this book.” I don’t think non-writing folks realize how important these reviews are.
4. When you see your writer friend making posts about their book on Twitter or Facebook, please retweet, like, and even share their news. Once again, it costs you nothing.
5. Remember to talk up the book to you other friend. Word of mouth might be the best publicity at all.
I wonder if there are other ways. What do you think?

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