Catch Me, if You Can!

Whew! It’s been a pleasant whirlwind these past few weeks. Just thought I’d take a moment to catch my breath and fill you in. Last weekend, I taught a fabulous group at the Chesterfield County Library Writer’s Conference in Richmond. Of course, I got lost driving through Richmond—but that’s another story.
This weekend, I’m closer to home. tomorrow, I’ll be speaking about food in Southern literature at the Augusta County Library, here in Fishersville. At least I know I won’t get lost. I’ll be speaking at 1:00 and selling and signing SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS.
I’m really looking forward to discussing my book with a mystery book group at Stone Soup Books on Tuesday night at 7. That should be fun. (Just so you know, I’m available for books groups everywhere, via Skype).
Speaking of fun, next week is the Virginia Festival of the Book—one of my favorite festivals. I’ll be on a panel on Saturday at 10 a.m. “Add Murder to My Resume.” If you are in the area, you should really try to come. It’s a fabulous experience with many, many authors and panels and events, most of which are free. Check it out here.
After this event, I have a bit of a break—at least in terms of appearances. But behind the scenes, I am working on book three of the Cumberland Creek trilogy and I just sent book two back to my editor. Things are moving right along for me. And what about you?

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