Love Note to Readers

I’ve been thinking about readers. The way we congregate. The way we are pulled to one another by sharing our love of books and writers. I’ve seen some of my writer-heros at book signings, or listened to them read or speak at a book store, and consider those times to be highlights in my reading life.

So when it’s my opportunity to step out from behind the computer screen and meet people who are reading my books, it’s a time of magic and wonder. I can hardly believe that people will come out from their cozy home just to chat with me, get a book signed, or hear me speaking about my writing life. Yet, they do. Not in droves, but they come. They shake my hand, politely; they smile, and sometimes ask me questions about my books or my life.

And I just feel so honored.

In a world where we are so constantly distracted by a multitude of media, let alone other activities (especially if you have kids and family obligations, along with career), and other brilliant, more experienced writers’ books, that a reader would pick up mine and read it—well, I can’t imagine a better thing. In truth, it feels a bit intimate, like a piece of me is in their homes, minds, and hearts. I guess that’s true, at least while they are reading my books. In fact, some readers have contacted me in the middle of reading SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS and told me they are dreaming about it. Wow.

One of the best things about computers is social media. It gives us semi-reclusive writers a chance to reach out and be available to readers. And we like hearing from you, as well. With the price of gas and a variety of other economic factors these days, most writers are no longer “touring” with their books to visit stores and books group. But now, we have Twitter, Facebook, and Skype. I’m available all those places for conversation, questions, and book groups.

In the mean time, keep reading my friends. Keep reading.

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