Making a SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS at Bouchercon

I’m so excited to be attending “Bouchercon, The World Mystery Conference” next week in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ll be moderating the Crafty Sleuth panel, hosting a table at the Mystery Writer’s of America  Librarian breakfast, and attending the Kensington author reception, of course.

When the organizers of the conference asked me to teach a craft class, I said YES because I love scrapbooking and I love to spread the love. My class is called “How to Make You Own Scrapbook of Secrets.” For those who haven’t read my book, it will be a good intro to it, as well.

The actual scrapbook part of it is a paper bag. Yep. Just fold paper bags, punch holes along the  “spine” and voila, you have a little book. Now the really cool think about this little book is that the paper bag openings give the scrapbooker little “secret” slots for notes, pictures, and so on.

I’ve already made up the kits and sent them off to the hotel. (I’m so organized about some things that sometimes I scare myself.) Among the other goodies, each crafter will get a full-color cover flat of SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS. Now they can use it however they want, of course. But this is how I used mine.

Now this is just a prototype. I hope that the attendees will have fun with this and take off in their own creative ways with the class materials. But I had a blast incorporating some of the things from the book into this little scrapbook.  



If you haven’t read it, you should know that scrapbooking is how my croppers find out some secrets about Maggie Rae, the woman who has died. So the secret slots relate very well to my book.

Side view of the secret slots.


This been great fun to plan and I hope to see many of you in Cleveland at the Marriott in the craft room at 2 on Friday, October 5. Be there, or um, ya know, be square.

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