Bouchercon, John Connolly, and a Giveaway

I had a fabulous time at Bouchercon the week before last, but I came home with a terrible cold and was really down for a few days. Now, I’m back at it, though not quite one-hundred percent.

I’ve been reading a lot of Bouchercon posts and since I’m kind of late in getting this up, I won’t give yet another redux. But Bouchercon was full of wonderful people—writers and fans included.

One of my fan “moments” was meeting John Connolly, whose writing I love and whom I have to admit I’ve had a bit of a crush on for a few years. I tell you about this not to brag, though, why not? I HAD HIS ARM AROUND ME. Hehehe.

But I also tell you because I thought he trembled a bit when he placed his arm around me. I’d like to believe my roomie’s take on that—she said it was his attraction to me that made him tremble. But, alas, I don’t believe it. Sigh.

I think he was exhausted. And nervous. On. All the time. The poor guy. I know how he feels, kind of. I feel like that with every personal appearance and every conference. Only I’m not John Connolly. It must be worse for him because, after all, he is just a writer, a man who is probably more comfortable at the keyboard than on stage. Yet here he is under the magnifying glass and on stage a good bit at Bouchercon. And when I had that realization, it struck me that this is why fan conferences like Bouchercon are so important to writers and readers. We are all coming together over our love of the written word. Big-time writers and new writers. Fans and publishers. We are all a bit nervous, all a bit weary, and home sick.

We are all apt to see one another in new and unexpected ways.  And that, my friend, can only be a good thing.

So one the events I participated in was a craft room. Many of the mystery authors who had craft themes in their books offered classes. I gave a class called “How to Make Your Own Scrapbook of Secrets.” It was so much fun! I have some extra kits and am going to give five away. The kits include a paper bag scrapbook, with ribbons, embellishments, and so on, for you to make your own.

I will print out all of your responses and my daughter will pull five out of a hat. (So scientific, dontchya know!) Please make sure to leave your email address on your response.

All you need to do is answer this question: Have you even met a famous person and what was it like for you?

12 thoughts on “Bouchercon, John Connolly, and a Giveaway

  1. Deena Warner says:

    I adore Joe R. Lansdale. We attended Hypericon, which is a small convention in Nashville. Hisownself was the writer guest of honor. We ended up going out to dinner with a large group, and there I sat, directly across the table from Joe! I didn’t speak the entire meal. All I did was bask in his glory. He was the nicest, funniest, most down-to-earth fella, and I just couldn’t think of anything to say other than “I love your work.”

  2. Mollie Cox Bryan says:

    LOL! The only thing I said to John was “I love your writing. It gives me nightmares.” He grinned and said “That’s good!” Thanks for commenting, Deena!

  3. Cheryl Green says:

    I met a famous person at a signing that was taking place in Sears of all places. It was a soap opera actress that I adored. I saw her sitting my herself and wasn’t even going over to bother her. I was terrified and yet she seemed so alone that I went over to say hi and we talked about soaps for at least ten minutes. I got an autographed picture-which I still have. The feeling I had when I was leaving was triumph – over being terrified to talk to her.

  4. Dru says:

    I love attending fan conventions, especially when you get to meet the authors that you enjoy.

    Since I missed your craft class, I would love to win scrapebook kit.

  5. Kathy Bennett says:

    I met a famous person after standing in line with my daughter and all the other fans . I didn’t know that we would have the opportunity to actually have a little “chat”. It didn’t occur to me that I would be star struck and not be ABLE to talk!! Fotunately, we didn’t really have to talk. The star was so gracious and kind. She acted like we were having a conversation. It probably does happen to her (the star) all of the time, but I can honestly say it had NEVER happened to me before. In talking with others in attendance, after the experience, my inability to talk was not an isolated example. The general feeling among us all was that we never dreamed we would not be able to utter a word!
    This was not the first book signing I had attended. However, I don’t really go to a lot of events like this because I have heard others talk about how disappointing it can be. I was a fan of this star before, but I have to say, she made me love her even more after meeting her and seeing her in person. She did not disappoint. In fact…she was even better in real life!
    People I don’t know talk to me all of the time. I worked in a busy call center where I made others comfortable and soothed feelings. Talking is (I thought) what I do best!
    I just have to say how surprised (and pleased) I was when I received a reply from YOU! to my e-mail message.

    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      Thanks Kathy! I always try to respond to emails, especially from nice people, like you. 😉 What a great experience for you in meeting your famous person. Thanks so much for commenting.

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