Off to the Writer’s Police Academy

I’m heading out of town tomorrow to attend the Writer’s Police Academy in North Carolina. I am so excited that I’m about to burst.

Every year, a group of police and crime experts gather for the academy to help writers as we craft our stories—after all it benefits them, of course, as well as us. Clarity and correctness serves us all, particularly when we write about crime or legal issues. I’ll be participating in a  couple of special hands-on sessions—one is a jail tour and the other is a building search. These are the buildings they use to train police how to do a search. Should be informative. In this case, I can definitely see one of my characters using this skill.

Along with the hands-on stuff, there will be sit-down classes.  I’m looking forward to the classes about gangs, human trafficking, street prostitution. I know many people these kinds of crimes don’t exist in small towns, but they do, which sort of makes them even more dangerous because victims often have sense of false security.

I’ll be back on Sunday for some much needed family time before the school week starts. Catch you next week!


4 thoughts on “Off to the Writer’s Police Academy

  1. Lee Lofland says:

    You’ll have a great time. This is the largest and best event we’ve produced. Over 100 top experts will be available to answer questions and to demonstrate what they do. Be prepared for a lot of hands-on action and excitement. There is no other event like this in the entire world!

    • Mollie Cox Bryan says:

      I did! I’ve been recuperating and haven’t had the chance to write more about it. LOL. But it was a so much fun. and I didn’t mind you “picking” on me at all. Lee said he has a video of me in the class–I’ve not seen it yet. I’ll be in touch as I continue to develop this character I’m working on. Thanks so much for commenting on the blog!

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