The Cozy-Sexy Vibe of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Have any of you watched the Australian-based series. “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” ? Its second season is now available on Netflix and I’m assuming elsewhere.


The basic premise of the series surrounded Phryne Fisher, a playful, unmarried, gorgeous, Jazz-age “lady detective.” Phryne was apart of all-women ambulance brigade in France during the last year of The Great War, and is decorated for courage. With all her relatives killed during war, Phryne inherits great wealth and is rich but remains beholden to her past. Because of her war experiences, she has a zest of life and love. Along with investigating murders, she sleeps around. A lot. Interesting to note that the only real critcisms of her sexy adventures have comes from conservatives in the U.S.—even though there’s no sex scenes just some very sexy before and after scenes. (I wonder if those folks watch James Bond???? I guess it’s okay that he sleeps around. He is a man, after all.)

One of my favorite day-after-sex scenes is when she spots her stockings on the ceiling fan. How I love that image. Very intriguing and sexy, while leaving MUCH to the imagination. Just my kind of thing, really.

I’ve become quite obsessed with the series. Here’s some reasons why:

  1. The writing. I think this show is one of the smartest murder mystery series I’ve watched. And it could be studied in terms of “how far to push the envelope” with sex and gore. It’s very much a sexy-cozy mystery cousin to the cozy mystery books. It keeps a very light touch, while maintaining a smart and sexy vibe.
  2. The clothes. Okay, so if you are going to have a filthy rich heroine, you may as well dress her to the hilt. And WOW do I love Miss Fisher’s clothes. The 1920s have always been one of my favorites in terms of fashion (and music). But some of these clothes are just extraordinary.
  3. images-1imagesimages-5images-3The history. So, not only is it set in a fascinating time, but it also brings to light some other lesser-known bits of historical tidbits. One show had Latvian Jewish immigrants fighting for the Zionist cause. Another was focused on the cocaine trade.
  4. The sex and romance. Okay, I love wondering who she is going to bed next. Usually it’s a good looking guest star, right? But I always wonder, how will they get from A to B…
  5. The gorgeous and talented Essie Davis.

If you love good mysteries imbued with a little romance, check out Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. My daughters and I have been binge-watching the series. I’ve actually read the first book on which the series is based and I loved it. How about you?

6 thoughts on “The Cozy-Sexy Vibe of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

  1. Amy M. Reade says:

    Miss Fisher sounds like fun! I don’t have Netflix, so I’ll have to see where else I can find it. And those clothes are gorgeous! Makes my daily yoga pants seem a little frumpier than usual. Thanks for the introduction to the show and the books.

  2. Mollie Bryan says:

    The first book was very good. I will probably read more in the series. I’m not much of a series-in-order reader. But I’m glad I read the first book, which gives more background than the series at first. You have to watch it awhile before you know her story.

  3. Jenna Harte says:

    I really like Ms. Fisher and am glad to hear they’re making a 3rd season. It’s interesting the US people are complaining about the books. Sometimes the US is so prudish compared to the rest of the world. However, it could be because they’re expecting a cozy. This isn’t Ms. Marple or Poirot. I agree that not only is it interesting, but you really see the clashing and merging of times before the war and after the war. Technology, social issues etc are all making it’s mark and some people find the change hard.

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