Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. It’s a Lady-Gaga run. La-La-lalala!

2. Death Among the Doilies is out with beta readers. Woot!  (The first in my new Cora Crafts Mystery Series.)

3. I’ve been getting some writing in on my historical. Fascinating stuff!

4. Summer is coming! Maybe it’s already here? Things are changing  at the Bryan household. My oldest daughter is applying for work. No camps. Of course, we’ve never been able to do the expensive fancy camps for our girls. But we did what we could.

5. Of course, they say it’s best to have nothing planned over the summer for kids. I have believed that, mostly, allowing my kids the freedom of boredom. I think it fosters creativity. But unfortunately, the kids whose parents can afford to do the nice camps–Shakespeare camps, Broadway camps, writing camps at universities, and so on, compete with my kids. My kids can’t win. Not right now. But you know what? They will learn to work harder to develop an edge–and in the long run–they will be better for it. 

4 thoughts on “Five things I thought about during my morning run:

  1. Betsy Ashton says:

    Wonderful line: The freedom of boredom fosters creativity. I may have to quote you.

    My mother really couldn’t afford summer camps, but she could afford my free library card. Books took me so many more places than a camp could have. To this day, escaping into a book, whether writing or reading, gives me incalculable joy.

    Thanks for reminding me that the small things in life are the best.

  2. Sharon Aguanno (ArmyMom) says:

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about with those 2 young ladies…. I remember reading on one of your pages about them being young authors… I am impressed… I remember when one of my sons was a little guy, he used to love watching the trash collector… He told me that was what he wanted to do when he grew up… I told him, I would support whatever decisions he made when he grew up, however it would be nice if you own the company rather than worked on the truck..LOL… Keep up the good work with your girls… I am sure they will be successful with whatever decisions they make. 🙂

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