And Scrapbook of the Dead is Launched!

Yesterday was a wonderful launch day. I couldn’t believe all the lovely posts showing up on my Facebook timeline and in my inbox. I’m a lucky, lucky writer! Thank you ALL so much!

Yesterday, along with all of the wonderful Goodreads and Amazon reviews (PLEASE keep them coming), I received two book blog reviews that were, um, pretty incredible. They both made me feel so good. They were very thoughtful and well written. So, I’m going to pull a quote from each of them with a link back to their blogs.  The blogs are worth a visit.

“The mystery was spot-on. It kept you guessing till the very end. Perfect suspects with good motives yet you couldn’t pin down even one of them but I got odd vibes from the killer from the time that person was introduced in the book. I loved the simplicity of the book. The writing style was simple and hooking. The story flew by and the mystery kept your mind working. ” from Enthrallingdimple

“Cox Bryan weaves multiple investigations through the gentle probing by each of her main characters. Motive? Means? Opportunity? The fragments they uncover, like bits of a scrapbook page, won’t make sense until the final faces are added, as the book reaches a crescendo during the week of Halloween.” Kingdom Books.

I’ll try my best to keep you informed of all the reviews. But if you are very interested in them, follow along with my blog tour–starting tomorrow and listed on my events page. Also, I’m trying to keep up with all the mentions and blog tour stuff on Pinterest. I have a special board for this. So click here, if you are Pinterest-inclined.

In the mean time, if you’ve not purchased the book yet, it’s just a click on the book cover, which will take you right over to Amazon!

Scrapbook of the Dead


In the mean time, have a great Wednesday!


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