Magpie Monday

I confess. I’m a bit of a magpie. I spend a good bit of the time on the web, reading, researching, and dreaming. I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite posts, pins, or ideas with you on Mondays.  Enjoy!

A link to a podcast where one of my favorite writers, Susanna Kearsley, is interviewed.

Have you caught the blog Two Nerdy History Girls? One of my all time favorites.  I try to read it weekly. Fair warning: you could spend all day here reading these posts.

Speaking of history, I thoroughly enjoyed this post on historical fiction. Having just finished writing my book on Jefferson Coates,  I found this post spot-on.

Here’s a post about a woman who surprised her husband at her funeral. Seriously. If I wrote this in a book, would you believe it?

Great post about  the history of textiles in Ireland. 

I’m fascinated by crochet these days. I’m trying to learn how to do it. . I’ve gotten the chain stitch down, but now I’m trying to move on to the actual crochet stitch. I found there’s a whole community of crochet folks online, of course, but there’s a sub-community of those interested in crochet as therapy. Check out this list of blog posts.

I’m also fascinated by all things Broadchurch. How about you?

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