Magpie Monday

Welcome to my new column, Magpie Monday.  I’m sharing a little of this and that from my wanderings on the web. Enjoy.

I’ve inherited a LOT of salt and pepper shakers recently. Imagine my surprise when i saw a segment on CBS this Morning about collectors.

The textile whisperer.

The ever-fashionable doily. Who knew?

I’m fascinated by these cookies! Are they too pretty to eat?

How cool is this pretty sewing kit?

There’s a bit about very collectible antique drug paraphernalia in  DEATH AMONG THE DOILIES. I ran across this article again and thought I’d share it here.  Once, I saw a gorgeous coccaine-kit from the 1920s in an antique shop and was shocked when I found out what it was.

Love this post from Sheila Connolly on Politics and Sharks. (Love the Wicked Cozy bloggers!)

Until next time!

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