Magpie Monday

Welcome to my new column, Magpie Monday.  I’m sharing a little of this and that from my wanderings on the web. Enjoy.

An abandoned  mansion in France that has caves underneath it. A-mazing. I have a similar situation in a WIP. It always freaks me out a bit when I find a real life thing that reminds me of something I thought I imagined and wrote into a story. hehehe.

Fabulous post by Hank Phillipi Ryan on Femme Fatale blog about reader’s buying habits.

Love this post on writing cozy historical mysteries–not quite as “cozy” as you think, then.

The literary murdereress.

How crochet changed one writer’s life.

Think scrapbooking is not popular? think again. Check out this fabulous article about scrapbooking.

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