Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend–Coming Up!

The Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend (coming right up on April 29-May 1) is the stuff of reader and writer legend.  She has some kind of funky magic , wherein she brings readers and writers together for fabulous weekend to get to know one another and have a blast (from what I hear.)

It’s my first time and I have to say all the pre-conference  stuff has been so organized that it’s amazing. The event is going to be incredible. I just know it.

I’ve sent two packages off, so far, one for Barbara awhile ago. It’s a “Crafty Christmas” gift basket to be used for her charity event.


It’s filled with scrapbooking goodies, plus my book, A CRAFTY CHRISTMAS.
At the reader luncheon, each author brings gifts to the readers at their tables. My readers will be getting a few different goodies. I’ve designed and signed Artist Trading cards for them. Here they are in-progress.


Each of my table mates will also  be getting a copy of SCRAPBOOK OF THE DEAD,  and they will each get a paper bag scrapbook kit, along with a few other little goodies. Kensington, my publisher, has sent along tiny sewing kits for my readers.

Also, there will be another raffle, where I’ll be giving away all of my books plus a paper bag scrapbook hand crafted by me.



Everything has been sent to Wisconsin.  And now I can obsess about other things–like what to wear.  OY!

Some events are ticketed over the weekend–but many are not. So click on over to her page and if you’re in the area, stop by to meet some authors and get books signed.


Locals: If you can’t make it to this event in Wisconsin, stop by the Waynesboro Public Library April 16, where I’ll be appearing with many other local writers!




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