Five things I thought about during my morning run

  1. DSCF4415Sundays will never be the same without my weekly conversation with my Mom. We lived far away from each other most of my adult life. But every Sunday  we touched base, even when I was traveling. I catch myself reminding myself to remember to tell my mom such and such. Then I remember she’s gone. Just gone.
  2. The day is glorious, beautiful. If I could order a perfect day for a walk or a run, it would be this.
  3. Trying to focus on things to look forward to: Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend is coming right up. I’m so thrilled to be attending!
  4. Planning my trip to Germany and Paris is taking a lot of time. And I’ll only have a short time there so I’m trying not to overload my schedule.
  5. I’ll be filling you in a lot more about this trip, which I’m calling “My midlife adventure.”

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