Magpie Monday

It’s Magpie Monday on Tuesday–again. The next few Mondays, I will be off-site, so this might get to be a tradition!  Have fun checking out the links I found.

Oooo, look a Faerie blog. I’ve been researching mermaids for my next book. Yes, indeed.

A bookstore just for romance. 

On the power of music.

One writer’s story. 

Queen Aiquippa. This is where I grew up–in a rural area just outside the town.


See you next time!

2 thoughts on “Magpie Monday

  1. SueAnn says:

    You need to teach! Each one of these you picked today…are brilliant teaching tools! You have a quick mind…a far reaching, thinking mind… need to teach!! I love all these today….made some notes to persue further….you taught me today!!!

    • Mollie Bryan says:

      Thanks so much! As luck would have it, I’m developing an on-line course right now. (In between everything else!) But that’s a very kind thing for you to say. Cheers!

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